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How To Become Successful On YouTube!

Introduction - I have written this article from experience because I once was a YouTuber and I am considering doing it again. I had a moderate subscriber base (2000 subscribers) and I am going to start a fresh channel, with some fresh content soon. Anyway in this article are some tips that should help you to become a successful YouTuber on YouTube.

TIP NUMBER 1- You need to post regular content! - Your subscribers are obviously going to watch the content and they are going to love to see new videos on your channel. I'd recommend posting new videos on a daily or weekly basis. It would be better if you could do it on a daily basis, but only if you have time.

TIP NUMBER 2- Your video quality needs to be good! - I'd recommend uploading in high definition. This is so your audience can see your video really clearly and in detail. High definition is 720p and 1080p.

TIP NUMBER 3 You need to promote your channel! - This is one of the biggest factors in this article today; promoting. I would recommend using social media websites. Social media websites include facebook, twitter, etc.

TIP NUMBER 4 - You need to stay away from Sub4Sub, Like4Like etc!- If you don't know what sub4sub is, please can you read onwards to the next point. If you are considering doing sub4sub, please read on why you shouldn't do it. Sub4Sub is very bad because all you are doing is exchanging subscribers with another person by saying "if you sub me ill sub you back". A) You are not earning the subs legitimately. B) This won't get you more views because those subscribers will be inactive and won't watch your content. Real subscribers that you have earned will be interested in your content and will most likely be active on your channel and that's how you get subscribers. I think I have covered enough on this topic.

TIP NUMBER 5 - Do not buy subscribers or views. Buying subscribers or views is completely fake and again, the subscribers will be inactive and won't watch your content and the views are fake. You should go and get valid views and subscribers by following this guide that I have showed you today.

TIP NUMBER 6 - Add video thumbnails - Video thumbnails are the pictures before you click on a video. This is really important because this will attractive viewers to your video. This is the first thing they will see in the YouTube search results, a picture (thumbail) of your YouTube video so therefore you should choose it and make it fancy!

TIP NUMBER 7 - Get a microphone - If your ever going to be successful on YouTube, your going need a microphone. This is good because you can explain tutorials and other interesting videos. I'd really recommend getting this as this can really benefit your YouTuber skills.

This is the end of the article and I hope you found it helpful. As I said, I know all of this information because I once was a YouTuber myself and I had a subscriber base of 2000. Thank you for reading this article and I hope this helped some of you today.

Alex/Aka xXInfectedXx
All what you said above are the steps that I do take anyway the do and don't. Yet some people get it so easy then others. There are group of people that upload and bomb they get so big and they don't do much work. I spent years and hours into it with whatever that I have and still going nowhere with my channel. Yet I made $5 from it so that's not to bad from 30k views

Once my gaming gear is up and running that I like to get into it myself as an gaming person with GTA and ETS and been waiting to get into it again for 5 months. What I really need is an group of people to team up and get together doing gaming videos that want to make people to watch.

I also known to the fact that Bigger channels won't support the small and so you need to look for someone that is on your level
I’ve tried so much to promote my channel on social media platform but my subscribers ain’t increasing though I’m seeing an increase in ge number of views
What can I do ?
Keep uploading and stick with your niche. You may face some ups and down but never lose heart.Please DO NOT self-promote yourself on other people's videos.
This guide is good but it depends on a lot of factors outside this as well as luck.
To become successful the most important point that I will love to emphasize on is posting highly quality video content on your YouTube channel pages because this is what will attract people to your YouTube channel.
This is something I am trying to learn. I posted my first video on youtube in 2015. I was able to get some views on my video by sharing on facebook and twitter. Over the days, I posted few more videos. But I could not generate 10k views to be eligible for monetization. Therefore, I gave up. The current monetization threshold is even harder to reach.

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I am not in a position to give tips on how to succeed on youtube because I failed to reach the monetization threshold. But the tops explained here will surely help people who want to try.
Becoming successful on youtube means you are earning a lot of money from youtube. This is possible only when you have lot of high quality videos. High quality videos means useful and interesting videos
This Is a good way on how to be a good YouTuber. For me I think one just need to be consistent with good post and with that it will be very easy to have good amount of subscribers on the channel
I don't have a YouTube channel but I know that you can be successful if you have many subscribers. If you post quality videos and people like what you are doing you will get subscribers. But if you are not famous it may take a while before pet get to know you and subscribe to your channel.
I don't have a YouTube channel but according to those that have YouTube channels I know it's not a day job and you have to put in a very great amount of effort if you want to make profit from it because you have to carry your audience along and that is the most difficult part cuz you have to continually keep their interest in your site