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How often do you travel?


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Jul 29, 2018
I tend to travel/take vacations every couple of times a year especially if we have the funds to do so. We like travelling to meet up with other family members the most since its only an hr away from our house.

So, how often do you travel? When's the last time that you took a vacation?
I don't think that I travel more than 2 times a year, usually only 1 time a year. The last time I took a vacation was a week ago. I have visited the sea and stayed there for 1 week.
I haven't traveled abroad in the past years but I've been places locally maybe 2x a year. I plan to go abroad for a vaction this year just to have my passport stamped. It's always been a pleasure going to different places. You forget about how much money you've spent going there but you don't forget the memories especially if you've travelled with your love ones.
I take a lot of vacations, I will not include weekend or long weekend drives, but I would say that I get on a plane and fly somewhere about 3-5 times a year.
I never travel anymore. I got into a car wreck a week or so ago so I’ve been driving around a Deisel truck and it’s super expensive for gas so we can’t sfford to travel. When I had my car, I would travel to different states and go to amusement parks, see friends, etc. I also work 50+ hours a week now so it’s really hard to be able to ever go.
An hour's drive is a vacation?
Nearest is like an over an hour away! the longest is like 5 hours drive away in the UK! the others are in Australia that is an good long flight away. But mostly we travel around in the same country.

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