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How often do you dine out?


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Nov 1, 2020
I think most of us have dined out a lot less this year but ignoring this year, how often do you actually dine out? This includes fast food or sitting down in a restaurant.

I used to think I ate out too much. I tend to eat out 2 to 5 times a month. Mostly just fast food type places. Pizza, Chinese, and things of that nature. I read an article that says most families in American eat out (fast food) 3 times or more a week so now I don't feel so bad! I feel like that is too much to be eating junky food. Unless you are going to a restaurant or eating at a health food joint, it can't be good for you to eat it that much. I think once a week is okay.
Not very often but i make sure i do it at least a couple months every month.
A couple months every month? Are you a time bender or something? LOL I am joking with you. I am assuming you meant a couple days or times every month. Yeah, I don't see myself ever going overboard with it. It is cheaper to eat at home.
I think 1-2 a month, depends on how much we want to eat a veggie burger, damn they make their sauces so delicious, or maybe a tomato cream soup, or just some chinese spicy food.
Even with this year being the way it is, and my family members being more inclined to be lazy because of covid, I rarely go out or take out to eat. Before the fam decided to order far too frequently for my taste, I would take out, maybe once or twice, every other month.
Even before I got married as a bachelor, I prefer going to the market, buying some food stuffs and cook it myself. Now that I'm married I find it more difficult to sit in a restaurant and be dining while I have someone who can cook for me at home.
I do dine out of the house most often as I don't normally cook at home all the time. The art of dining out is actually a very good habit for me because it makes it less stressful for me because cooking at home can be very stressful for me.
Well, the pandemic really changed everything. But before the pandemic, i would dine out every other day. Since am not good at cooking, i prefer getting out. Plus, all weekend, i would eat out.
There were weeks when I was eating fast food once in a week as of: Sushi, Chinese food, hamburgers, french fries, but there were weeks when I was not having an ordered meal. When I will be an adult I think I will order myself a scrumptious meal once in a week and maybe two to be satisfied so I won't get too hungry for a fast food. If you are eating it only once in a week I don't think it really damages you with unhealthiness, it is okay to eat them once in a week in my opinion.
I like hanging out most of the time when I have worked so much during the week. I hang out in order to reward myself with having good times with people. Also, I hang out when I have funds for relaxation as when the money is not there, hanging out is impossible.
Personally, I am not the kind of person that usually like to dine out because I always prefer to cook my own food. Whenever you are the kind of person that knows how to cook, you will most likely find it very difficult to go to restaurants to eat because there is nothing they will give you there that is going to give the same feeling like what you prepared by yourself.

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