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How often do you buy games?

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Jul 29, 2018
How often do you buy brand new computer games? Once a week, Once a month, or Yearly? It really does depend on a number of different circumstances.
I don't really have a set schedule where I buy games every few months. I tend to just buy games when there is one that I like coming out. Sometimes if I get bored with my current games, I'll have a look to see if there any good ones to buy but that only happens maybe once or twice a year.
I also don't have a set schedule when I do buy video games. It depends on when I want to play something new and if I find a new game which I haven't played but I like it I would probably purchase it. Anyway, it has been over a month since I last bought a game.
I didn't know how how many time I buy a game but when I the game sale in a low price sometimes I buy it, Because it's hard to buy and expensive on at time,
It depends on what games are available and has come out. I don't have a set schedule where I get a game every month. Sometimes, I'll go almost half a year without getting a game because there haven't been any decent releases.
I have said in the previous thread as I never purchased any games still so far, but tat this time I might purchase Vicecity V since my kid is very talented to play it.
I don't really buy a lot of video games. Usually someone gets me the video games I want for Christmas or my birthday so I don't have to worry about buying my video games most of the time.
I never bought a game im using cracked games and play them for free there is no rules againts cracks
in my country even my windows version is not original lol
Not very often and that's because most of the games you can find online for free. I would say i buy a game once every couple months, because I don't play game very often now
Ahahaha, I never bought a physical game for myself, received gifts from friends who i was playing on Xbox360. Only in Steam I bought and last time was like 4-5 years ago.
I would not be very specific,I own a game shop and I understand the needs as required by my clients,and make provision,some people prefer the old console for a particular game brand,so it's imperative to work base on demands.
Since March of last year, i have bought games monthly. Especially when we got the PS5. I have suddenly become crazy for new games. Plus, the pandemic gave us more time for us to spend indoors being couch potatoes!
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