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How many chequebooks do you use?


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Feb 6, 2021
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Chequebooks are the kind of document that an account holder may receive when they open a bank account. Chequebook may contain many pages. Some banks offer chequebooks for free as well. So, how many chequebooks do you use?
I use one chequebook, and the reason is that it's convenient and keeps things simple. Having just one chequebook helps me keep track of my transactions and manage my finances more easily. It also reduces the risk of misplacing or losing multiple chequebooks. Plus, when I need to reorder checks, it's straightforward because I only have one account to consider. So, one chequebook works well for me.
I have one checkbook. When I ordered a checkbook last time,. I asked for 50 sheets instead of the usual 10 sheets. Since I mostly use digital transaction, I still have 40 sheets left
Currently, I'm not making use of any cheque books and the reason for that is because I am not making use of a current account at the moment.

I find it very stressful to make use of a current account because of the charges that comes with the account. Every other account that I have that is not current account are more convenient for me to make use of them.

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