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How do you promote your blog on social media?


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Nov 28, 2019
I have one garden specific blog. And I have few posts that I can promote on social media. I am not sure how to do the paid promotion. And I don't have much budget either. But I make sure to use the various friends and their groups to promote my content. So far not much success to be honest. But I work with whatever traffic I can get from social media.

Do you have any tips or tricks where you can promote your blog on social media and get regular traffic?
Unless we are smart, it's difficult to promote any website, in social media without opting for paid services.
Usually people don't spend too much time in reading anything these days.

So, it's probably a good idea to make a short video about what your website has to offer. It can be about the content or any other additional features. Or you could go with paid services with a few keywords as well.
I agree with @Claraviolet you could do a video commercial for your business, could help if you do a youtube channel as well and grow it to monetize it.
I agree with @Claraviolet you could do a video commercial for your business, could help if you do a youtube channel as well and grow it to monetize it.
We still need to do the ground work of, effective graphic usage.

If the visuals are really good, only then people would watch and the attention span of people these days, is just less than 5-10 seconds. I don't have such stunning graphic making skills and I envy people who got them. I did try to make use of Photoshop and video editing courses before, but I am no good with those software.
You should join Facebook groups that have the same topic of discussion as your blog. After that you can share your articles there and interact with people who are interested in that subject
If you really want to promote your blog using social media, I suggest you set a link that will link your social media to your blog directly or you can past post on your social media that can link people directly to your blog.
It is always so easy to promote your blog via social media platforms like facebook by joining niche related facebook groups and posting your links after making reasonable contributions to your posts
Blogging is not for everyone,but still people still peddle through and come out successful,as a blogger your content should be priority not how to make money from blogging.
I have plugin setup which automatically share my latest content on 9 different social media platform and I setup SEO things from plugins itself means it gives me great advantage too.
Most time I do paid adverts. For example on Facebook, I run adverts from time to time, and also I pay group admins and page owners to help me run adverts.
Repurpose your content
Build links to your site
Share your blog on social media
Flip post to flipboard
Reach out to influencer
Create a UTM link to crack marketing campaign
Creat Facebook groups centres to your blog post topics. Join as many Facebook groups as possible as you can on your blog type and contribute meaningfully by making quality post and directing traffic to your blog at the same time