HiveMicro - SCAM OR LEGIT?


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Hey! This is my first post here. I hope to share with you nice websites.

I wanna talk about HiveMicro.
HiveMicro is a paid-to program, and what you have to do is to work.
You'll get paid after reaching 2$, and you can achieve that goal in a day if you're good at it.

What to do?
Simply signup here: HiveMicro
Select a job, and do the qualification test.
After that, you'll be able to work!

You can get paid with PayPal or via Bitcoin.

Let me know if you'll use it!
Are you paid to make android app or ios app or to download apps on your mobile phone to complete a survey?


I'm thinking using another smart device that is different from the one used to answer the during the test can help boost score. My thoughts though


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It looks smart work. Only 2$ neede to withdraw? That's good... Please elaborate how to work and also some tips about qualification test. Thanks


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I made some tests and never I am not able to be qualifed, everytime I make a mistakes..
Hope anywhen I will pass it and start earning money there.
I am also rarely qualified, but I am at the beginning anyway and in time I will be able to do my tasks better


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I registered with hivemicro a while ago, to pass the test I had to do a certain amount of tasks, and then they told me if I was approved or not. In the end I decided not to return to the site since few people are satisfied with the effort made and a large part are disqualified.


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Hivemicro is a good alternative to the Amazon Turk. Though we can't compare them considering the type of the task and the amount of the money that we can earn on both is kind of different. And even more so on the front of the tasks, the hivemicro has them different. But referral earnings are pretty strong with the hivemicro.
How much can one realistically earn from this hivemicro platform, solving their tasks daily? I don't like wasting time on what won't yield me dividends.