Hello From Maine, USA

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Hi Everyone,

My name is Jay and I live in Maine, USA. I love XenForo forums and I was just checking out the "show off your site" section over there at their forum and noticed this website. Great job here. I love what you've created. I'm tempted to begin contributing.

A bit about my background: I've got an A.S. degree in business from Westchester Community College in New York, a B.S. in business from Binghamton University, and an MBA from Binghamton University. That's a university in New York as well. I've also been working online and have operated an online business for the past 16 years. While at school, I majored in Operations Management and Strategic Business, so if I can be of assistance to anyone here who would like to pick my brain, please ask. I haven't exactly used anything I learned back in college during my life, but I can see what I can do.

Also, I figured I'd throw a shameless plug in here too (if allowed). I recently launched my own forum and called it IndyFor. I write about all types of things and it's growing larger and more interesting every day. A few real members have registered, but I sure wouldn't mind if you did too. I've actually got quite a few business related posts and forums there too.

Anyway, thanks for the welcome and good luck with this site. You're doing a great job!

Not open for further replies.