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Hello everyone! I am a New Member to your forum Bizdustry.com, and I wanted to Introdouce myself a little bit, hope to get some answers on how to use this forum/earn from it etc. So my real name is Branko Pantic, and I come from Serbia. I'm not new to making money online like selling stuff to people and getting paid through PayPal, been doing it for a years or so. But I'm new to this type of earning through websites like Paid-To-Click, Get-Paid-To, Paid-To-Promote and now this type of earning on a forum by posting, making new threads, guides etc. I've got a PTC site I'm using for 2 months now NeoBux, It's going great for now, I'm also using website like Paid-to-Promote, Traffic exchange, and few more for watching videos/visiting sites, and also recently Cryptocurreny ones where you get paid through like FauceyPay.. but I'm very new to Crypto or Bitcoins so It's gonna take me a while to learn. So I'm glad I found this awesome forum where I can learn all that and seems like earn some money while doing so :) If anyone has any Tips & Tricks, Guides and whatever to share I'll be glad to hear it! That's my little intro, I wish you all a good day everyone or whatever time is where you are and I hope I will adjust to the forum very easy! ;):cool:(y)💰


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A great introduction and a lengthy one - it's great because it gives us an insight into a bit more about you. Welcome to the forum and we are all here to assist you in making money online! Nice meeting you.