Has SEO worked for you most of the time?


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Has SEO always worked for you? Or have problems ever come up in regards to your SEO work? Whether it's ranking on Google and other search engines, do you find your SEO work lacking? Or is it working properly?

Has there ever been a time where your work on SEO didn't help?


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Due to me recently opening up a forum again after 5 years, I am back to working on SEO from the beginning again but back when I had my forum before I had to make the decision to close it when hosting sky rocketed in price, I felt I did really well with my SEO and I was finding that people were coming onto my forum and becoming active members and when they left us feedback on how they found us, many were telling us it was through search engine which told me that the work with SEO I was doing was working. I am hoping to get back to that again but I know it is going to take a while.


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I personally do not rely so much on seo as I believe in the power of running advertisement to generate traffic for my website or blog post, as it saves me a lot of time.

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