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Thank you i hope they will release it soon as i am so excited for this game
I'm probably one of very few, but I hope that it doesn't come out any time soon.. I still haven't tried GTA 5 yet! ?

..and that's despite me having owned it twice on Xbox 360, and again on PS4. I really need to get playing some games.
this year I don't think it will happen because of the coronavirus, but next year it will definitely happen. I am excited for this game , i'm a big fan of Grand Theft Auto series .
Most likely it will appear next year because there have already been some videos released on it. But obviously these pandemy could delay things a little
I read that GTA 6 has been in development since 2018, so it will probably take a couple more years if you compare to how long gta 5 was in development.
There are tons of rumors regarding GTA VI but no one knows it when is it actually dropping since we didn't hear much about it from The Rockstar.
They really want to do something really realistic and high tech, so it depends on their programming team and how good they are.
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