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Full Marketplace Access Upgrade Information

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Full Marketplace Access Upgrade Information

By default, our regular users cannot create new Marketplace Buy, Sell or Exchange Topics by default. This is in part due to some issues we have had in the past with users who would purposely try to cheat the system, or to scam fellow users out of additional money. This thread is made to give you information on how to gain access to full functions of the Marketplace Section.

The following features are what you get as part of the account upgrade.

Marketplace Account Upgrade Features
  • Full Freely Posted Marketplace Thread Creation
  • Full Freely Posted Marketplace Reply Creation
Marketplace Account Upgrade Cost
6 Months - $24 USD
1 Year - $48 USD

You can purchase the upgrade via the upgrades page: https://bizdustry.com/account/upgrades

Or you can purchase the upgrades in our forum cash shop, via these three options:

Additional Information​

The above Account Upgrade, is given to the Personal VIP Membership and Corporate VIP Upgrade Purchases. If you have bought a VIP Plan, you do not need to purchase the above upgrade, unless you are planning on using the above Marketplace Upgrade Features beyond the length of your VIP Plan.

Standard Membership; regardless of being a verified poster; are set to not to be able to create topics in the Marketplace. This means that if you plan on creating a topic for a Buy, Sell or Exchange Service, you will required to purchase the above upgrade to be able to have your topic published.

If you want full access to reply, consider getting this upgrade.

Thanks for your time!

The Bizdustry Staff
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