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Jan 4, 2023

I will soon be launching a new project simply called "FreeDomain"

If you're looking for a reliable and absolutely most cost-effective way to register your domain names, look no further than freedoma.in!

The website offers a completely free domain name registration service with no hidden costs or fees. Right now the plan will be to release 50 free domains through out each month. This number will increase as more revenue comes in.

info.png When will we officially launch?
The site is currently accepting subscribers to our newsletter. We will launch once we have finished the development of our customer portal. At which time, our first batch of free domains will be sent to our email subscribers. So be sure to subscribe!

info.png How does Free Domain work ?​

It's easy! There are two ways to get domains. First, we release coupons every so often to give away domains for free of your own choosing 100% free. Have to be quick though, they go fast! Secondly, we have partnered with numerous domainers across the world who give us a portfolio of domains to give away. Feel free to follow our social media accounts and subscribe to our newsletters to know when we release the coupons!

info.png Who pays for the domain?​

We cover the cost of the domain! We believe everyone desrves a chance to have their own domain. If you wish to help contribute and support this project, you can donate. The greater our revenue and donations, the more domains we can give away and provide to others!

info.png Can I transfer my domain?​

The domain is yours to do as you like. We can transfer the domain to your NameSilo account, or alternatively you can request the auth code to transfer to a different registrar. Please keep in mind that domains are locked to a registrar for the first 60 days.

info.png Where are the Free Domains registered?​

Our domains are powered by NameSilo. They are an ICANN-accredited domain registrar who boasts cheap, easy, and secure domain registration and management. They have been around since 2009

info.png How sustainable is this project?​

Right now, we have a set budget to spend every month. We will sustain this project through advertisements both on our website, and in our newsletter. As our advertising revenue grows through the website, so does the amount of domains we can give away!
This is amazing to see. All too often people want to start up some kind of website, forum, or blog but are usually put off by the price of the domain or worrying about how much the domain is going to cost.

This will definitely help people to get up and running if they are struggling to get a domain name they would like. Looking forward to seeing this launch :)