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Free XF 2 Themes from Brivium

That's quite nice of them especially considering the number of free XenForo themes isn't great and the ones that are, just aren't as good looking as the premium XenForo themes (which is expected of course). I love the looks of both Nickel 2 and Magnesium 2. Magnesium especially looks to be a great theme and I'm sure a lot of XenForo users will benefit from it being made free.
I believe Brivium's resources were listed in the resource database at XenForo.com at one point in time, but Brivium had a big scandal in regards to some questionable coding that was in their styles and add-ons. This was a few years ago, so I'm not entirely sure how legitimate Brivium is these days, but I personally will always try and steer clear of Brivium because of it.