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Five Simple Steps SEO


Optimization is a long process, but you don't have to be an SEO expert to ensure visibility, that's why we propose a series of small and easy to remember steps:

1. Choose the right title

The chosen title should be able to provide information on the content of the article at a glance; to summarize the idea of the text. If you use techniques to attract audiences through engaging headlines that do not reflect the content, in the long run you will lose credibility and readers. One tip would be to use no more than 10 words in the title, especially if you want it to be shared on social networks. If we refer to Twiteer, you need to make sure that there is enough space to be able to retweet the article.

2. Use keywords

The use of keywords is the most popular form of SEO, so you will find articles that make no sense, being just an absurd sequence of keywords. The abundance of these words is problematic, so conducting research on the most searched words on the chosen topic and their moderate use is the most recommended solution. Remember: quantity can compromise product quality!

3. Draw attention to numbers and lists

As I said, people are attracted to numbers. In addition, using a list view will make the article easier to navigate and retain, giving it a logical and chronological unfolding when appropriate. Plus they are easier to scan for search engines as well. Of course, this type of article is not suitable for any subject, but it must be part of a content strategy.

4. Use spectacular images and videos

It is shown that visual appearance can cause an article to scroll. Therefore the use of visual elements will ensure a greater number of readers. Of course, the elements used must be unique, and in the case of companies it is preferable to use photos and videos made personally, or at least have permission to use them from the original author.

5. Respect your readers

Don't complicate the article, let it be understood from the beginning what you want to say, which is the subject. Write the article as a story. It must contain an element of uniqueness, regardless of the subject, nothing is more appreciated than providing valuable information in a friendly manner.
SEO is very important in any aspect of online business. if you are able to understand how it works and you are a blogger then you are definitely on your way to success. It is also important in youtube and affiliate marketing.