Finex Broker


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Transactions through Finex means that you have chosen a broker / broker that is professional, fair and has a good reputation. All customers can enjoy transactions with excellent service regardless of the amount of capital or investment.

Finex provides a fair and reliable trading experience and is the company that first started the system without re-quotes and without a mandate / rejection policy. More than 99.57% of transactions are executed in less than a second, and makes Finex recognized as a leader for executing robust orders. Our business model relies on strong beliefs in reliable execution both in Forex, Metal (Bilateral) and Commodity (Multilateral) products.


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This advertisement of this finex broker actually make it seem as if finex broker are actually the best forex brokers but I wouldn't take your word for it instead I would try them out to know if they are actually as good as you made them seem to be. I have been using olymp trade for a very long time now and I am actually in search of a new and better broker so I will give this finex a chance.


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I have never come across this broker you called finex before. I don't even know what types of assets one can trade on that platform. Are they simply for forex alone or sticks as well?