February Updates - Revamped Merch, New Staff and More!


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Administrative Team
Welcome everyone to February's Newsletter from the owner of Bizdustry. As a leadership team, we have been working hard behind the scenes and some of the small changes, you might have already noticed but we've been busy working so haven't had a chance to officially announce any of them.

Merchandise Launched
We've officially finished the Merchandise Website for Bizdustry, which can be found here. For those who order on the merchandise website, you can claim 5$ cashback through Bizdustry which can be exchanged for money in the Marketplace section. We have Unisex, Womens and Mens Wear, aswell as some accessories for smart phones! Pretty call, huh? We have also managed to partner with YouTube, to enable international shipping on all of our products, so wherever you are on this large planet, you can wear the Bizdustry Brand, and officially call yourself a Bizdustrian.

All of which can be found here. https://www.bizdustrymerch.com/
To claim the 5$ cashout, please private message @Joshua Farrell with your order number/ID/proof and we will credit accordingly.
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Staffing Changes

Unfortunately, @Anis Boukezzoula is no longer administrator of Bizdustry.com fortheseeable future, due to commitments outside of Bizdustry, resulting in him not having enough time to dedicate for his duties. This is in relation to his career that he has taken on, and wants to focus on progressing his career path for the months ahead. This is foreseeable future, and when and if @Anis Boukezzoula feels in a position to dedicate enough time to helping us, he will be added back to staff after discussion amongst the current staffing team. @Anis Boukezzoula has been a great team member of Bizdustry, and has helped us along our journey to where we are today - so I am rest assured that you will all join in me in recognizing him for his efforts.
Promotions/New Hires
We would like to welcome @Electrohunter26 as the new global moderator, and @Sud For President as the new Honeygain moderator for our Honeygain discussions on Bizdustry. I hope you will join me congratulating them on their promotion to the Bizdustry Team!