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Favourite platform to play games on?


Which one is your favourite platform to play video games on - PC, Mobile, Xbox, Playstation, Nintendo or other? What are the reasons for this platform being your favourite one? How much time do you spend playing video games on it?

I'm full into the PC gaming. I always have been gaming on a computer and never really got into console gaming. Main reason for this is I can do much more things on the PC rather than just gaming.
I'm only playing on PC but if I would've gotten better phone..why not on mobile! I am gonna buy a PS4 for some exclusive games too. I really like that MS shared games from XOne to PC.
It has to be the PlayStation 4 for me because of the fact that it's the console that I use the most. It's a great console with a great collection of games available to play on it and I've never encountered any issues with it either.
I have played games on PlayStation alot the most recent I have played i choose Haley quin to represent me for a fight and believe me twas fun using her.
As for me I enjoy playing games on PC and i see PC as my favourite platform for playing games. This is because when playing game on you PC there is no destruction of electricity
Thanks to its next-gen hardware, exclusives, and 4K Blu-ray drive, the PlayStation 5 provides the best console gaming experience. The PS5 is already sold out at most retailers, but inventory is being added on a regular basis.
One of my favorite play game and also test again is game soft it is normally located all can be found on your phone it comes with briefly of most games and will be asked to download again if you love it.
I like to play my games on a PC. It gives me a lot space to move myself around the interface with ease. I get to see the pictures more clearly too
Though I would have playing on other platforms especially Nintendo or play station but the fact is that my mobile is my addiction. I prefer playing on it becssue it makes me to play it anytime and anywhere
I like playing on my PC. Its my favorite one because I got alot of games on steam and basicly computer has all the games like the console has (almost all). I usually spend alot of time around 4-7 hours playing video games (not all the time).
For me, it needs to be a PlayStation 4. This is because it's the console I use most often. It's a great console with a great collection of games to play with, and I had no problems with it either.

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