Favorite movies?


My favorite movies are Up,The Croods,The Good Dinosaur,Coco,and The Lion King. I like this movie the most because it portrays what family is and it always make me cry all the time.


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I don't have a favorite movie, maybe Avatar was one of the movies I liked the most but I love any kind of horror movie, especially if I watch it in the middle of the night alone in the house.


Some of my favorite movies are The Pursuit of Happyness because this movie traces the normal journey of an extraordinary man. It is really worth to watch and you will surely get emotional watching this movie, and 3 Idiots. It is one of the funniest Bollywood movie I have ever watched. Pretty long but worth every minute of it.
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I'm an big movie person who used to go to the cinema allot but now with amazon prime I watch things on there network. I'm not going to say my favorite movies since there are way to many that I seen over the years. part that I can not even remember half. lol.


I love watching movies and I have watched a lot of them. Usually I watch them on my PC but sometimes I use my TV too. I have a lot of favourite films so I can't really pick 1 or 2 of them. Just going to name a few - The Last Ship, all series of Terminator and the same thing applies to the Fast and Furious series.


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I'm a big fan of comedies, with American Pie being my favorite series. Watching movies where you don't have to think too much is nice to unwind after a day of work.


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Fast and furious all parts but the best one is 5th part / insidious ( horror movies ) the maze runner / the hunger games / red reading hood / under world / avengers / twilight saga / venom / deadpool / the omen


All the movies from Studio Ghibli, love them, when I was smaller I loved home alone trilogy.


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Personally Some of my favorite movies are missions impossibles , all collection of the fast and furious , james bond collections and the Avengers It is really worth to watch and you will surely get glue to them while watching this movies and and I forgot to mention the three Idiots.


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My favorite movies are: Harry Potter, transformers, predator, alien, and more basically SciFi and then action movies, those are the genres I like and prefer.
I dont like any random movies if its an animated one, or a humor one I like a special unique taste at movies.