Favorite Energy Drinks

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Joshua Farrell

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For all of you energy drinkers, what is your favorite to drink? Mine currently is Bang. If that is not available, I go after the Fruit Punch Rock Star.


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I don't like Energy drinks even if i did try a drink called TNT i didn't like it i prefer Soda drinks especially coca and pepsi
i even don't like juices however most of my friends like to drink energy drinks before playing football


Oh dang I had a bad experience with RedBull while studying in Denmark, I think I drank like 60 cans in less than a month when I had an exam, at one point I couldn t sleep anymore, my eyes were burning and my stomach was upside down.


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Seems most of us agree that Red Bull remains among the best energy drinks in existence. I love it myself. I have tried the others, but non matches the effect and experience i have with Red Bull.


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My favorite has always been red bull, i made sure i observed its contents before choosing it, as far as there are no side effects, this is one of the characteristics that made me love it, the taste and the energy provided are also great.


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Out of various energy drink is lucozade boost. I so much love it because it is sweetened. Also, I like best cream as well. It tastes like ice cream and it's work is instantly.


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RedBull without a doubt for me. And anyway, I also like the sub-brands, as long as they contain Taorina.
Monster Energy, for example, is another one that I often drink.


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My favorite energy drink is the alomo bitters that seems to give me some kind of vigour and power whenever am doing some energy draining work, but it has been ban from our country.
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