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Ever Ban a Popular Member in Your Forum?


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Apr 14, 2018
Banning members is something that happens once in a while especially when there are rule breakers.

There's a possibility of having a popular member that's well recognised in your community that if the user goes missing, the absence will be felt.

Have you had to deal with banning such a user? How do you deal with it?
I have never banned a popular member on the forums I own or on the forums where I am a moderator. However, I frequently see a popular members banned on some forums.
It does not matter whether a member is popular or not, if you go against the rules and regulations then you would have to face the consequences of your actions.
@Heatman are you referring to a popular member like me? There has to be no favoritism. If a popular member breaks a rule, you have to ban him or her. Unless you would not also ban other members in the principle of fairness.
i have never banned a popular member of a forum i am a moderator in, as i do not see the need to take such action as most popular members always follows the rules and regulations of the platform.
A person can become popular on a forum for many reasons. If the reason a member become popular in your forum is through controversial way, then you can banned such person. Aside that, I don't support banned member, most especially popular member.