Essential tools for emarketing


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It's a Big true like the sun, the time is money, I mean, while You waste less time in making a task then You can make more money per day and the most important: to have Quality time to enjoy with your family and simply entertainment. For all this, I recommend You to use this tools that help me always:
Canva, a graphic editor
Flexclip, a fast clip creator
Pexels & unsplash, bith dures are a copyright free images bank
Bitly, a link shorter site
VSDC, free lighter video editor specially for low performance pc
Keywords everywhere, Vidiq & bitly, chrome extensions
Socialblade to Review the analitys of any You tube channels
These are some of many of the there are. I hope it be useful for anyone here. Regards


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I think as of now you definitely need the PPC tools. You can then promote your content to various social network and the pages. Another thing you need is the keyword tool. You will be using it for SEO and the PPC too. After that you need a tool where you can schedule your content online. This way automatically data can be posted on social network.


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This is a comprehensive guide from you and I must commend you for dropping this here. Ther are more tools like yoast SEO, Moz, Aweber that can be used by emarketers to boost their sales online