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Effectively Use Pinterest?


KIcking Around!
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Jul 29, 2018
I have been hearing a lot of Pinterest and how it is a very effective way to pull traffic to your site but I don't seem to get it or how it is done. Recently i went over to Pinterest and pin some of the images of my site but after weeks I found no result but rankings and traffic from Pinterest.

So please if you use Pinterest to market or pull traffic to your site, can you share with me how you did that successful so I can start implementing it also.
If you have useful tips and tricks or information that you can convert to infographics. Pinterest is amazing since people in general, are more visual than plain text.
I'm stilling learning on the Pinterest of how and the marketing side. But not yet have good results. Yet I'm not doing allot to it.
I got some of the traffic long back and left them due to no time, but what you guys getting paid for using Pinterest at the moment?