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Dynadot Founder Todd Han, starts a Ask Me Anything thread

Dynadot Founder Todd Han, starts a Ask Me Anything thread on namePros Starting Friday, May 22 from 4-6pm PDT.

I started Dynadot in 2002, in a spare bedroom at home. I still remember getting my first order for $7.99, and jumping up and down in excitement. Back then Verisign charged $6 per .com domain, and there was no ICANN fee yet. In those early days I did everything: customer service, website programming, accounting, and marketing. As the business grew I eventually rented an office and starting building the excellent team running the company today.

I have loved computers since I was a child. Writing code and solving technical problems always came naturally to me. I studied computer science in college, and spent many hours in the dark underground computer labs at UC Berkeley. Sadly I stopped coding about 2 years ago, to focus on strategy and management. But someday I plan to return to my first love, computer programming.

Why did I start Dynadot? I was building a website for my mother for her vacation house. I was using another registrar, and thought to myself I could write a better control panel. Being young and naive, I didn’t think that much and just jumped in and applied to be a registrar. It is a competitive and difficult industry, but I have enjoyed all these years, and am proud of what we have built.

What are some of the questions and answers you got from him?
I always had the question on how the domain registrar companies handle the dispute regarding the trademark and copyright related cases. Let's say I have trademark in australia. And someone buys the domain name dot com for it and is in USA. I am wondering how such trademarks can be handled. Do you see any specific way to handle it?
Well domain registrar is a very good way through which people can make money online and for the fact that dynadot.com founder is being quite open about his journey so far by allowing people to question him means that he is honest and responsible.