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Do you use videos games as a form of therapy?


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Oct 27, 2020
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Have you guys ever used video games as a form of therapy? I game whenever I am depressed, down and out, or just need a break from all the stresses of work and life in general. I wouldn't say it's therapy, but it can be therapeutic I think. What about you?
Yes it can be used. The use of video games in therapy can provide a wide range of benefits, including improving cognitive function, reducing anxiety and depression, enhancing social skills, and helping with physical rehabilitation.
Gaming is something that I have used many times and even now still use to help me get through bad days if I am feeling depressed or stressed out from the days or things get a little too much.

Many people will put down video games and say they are a waste of time but when I hear the number of people that use it to help them with feeling down, depressed or even stressed out, it shows how much it helps people more than causing issues.
Sometimes yes it helps me relax and I don't think of my real problems that much and focus on the game I used to spend a lot of time playing video games and now I spend less and less time on them