Do you trust websites that are for sale, financially speaking?


How much do you trust stuff from Flippa etc..? Myself, I really don't trust a lot cause everything is "too good to be true". I mean, come on, if a site makes $1,000 a month, then the rule of thumb is you'd be paying $10,000 at the least.

Anyway, things to look for are the sources of traffic, visitor numbers etc.. Also, don't trust reviews cause I'm guessing it could be a gang that knows each other - giving fake reviews.
I rarely trust sites that focus on just selling other sites, as people are willing to drop unneeded money into a site that most likely won't earn back the amount you spend into the purchase of said site anyways. I don't see many sites that tell the truth about income on those sites. Sure, a site might actually be earning what the owner says it is earning, but is the earnings all recent? Or is it spread out on a monthly basis, that is easier to see spikes?