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Do you think virtual reality will become the norm for gaming?


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Mar 15, 2023
Will VR become the norm for gaming? Not anytime soon, bro.

For one thing, VR headsets are crazy expensive. The latest and greatest rigs can cost a fortune. Until the price comes way down, most people won't be gaming in VR.

VR also still has some issues to fix. The tech can be clunky, isolating you from the real world. And the graphics aren't quite as good as on your PC or console. For VR to take over, it needs to feel like a seamless step into badass virtual worlds, not a pricey headset with downsides.

Plus a lot of gamers just don't want VR. They're happy with their keyboards, controllers, and flat screens. Sitting at their desk or on the couch is comfortable and familiar. VR isn't for every game or player, so traditional gaming will always have an audience.

And we still don't know the long term health effects of VR. That scary unknown could keep some from diving all-in with VR and making it their main way to game, at least until we learn more about the effects of constant virtual reality use.

So while VR gaming will get more popular, especially as the tech and price improve, it ain't taking over anytime soon. Non-VR gaming's gonna keep its spot as the norm for most players. Maybe in the far future VR will blow traditional gaming away, but the road there'll have lots of challenges to face. For now, bet on growing as popular side-by-side, not VR ruling supreme.
Like every other innovation this world has seen, virtual reality would become readiky available for everyone. Even Personal Computers was a luxury at a certain time.
I think that still very few people use VR, but I usually do not like to have a device stuck to the head and being totally absent from the real world.
A lot of people do not make use of them like before. I think it is going into extinction
I do not think it will be extinguished since it is still in development and improving, I also think that in the US it is becoming quite fashionable, here the admin could help us with that question, who I think is American. @Kristoferson