Do you think it’s worth it to buy a second-hand phone?


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When you opt for premium expensive brands such as Samsung and Apple, it is better to buy it second hand because it is a lot cheaper. However it is not advisable to buy cheap quality mobiles at second hand, it tends to hang a lot and crash frequently.


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Second-hand phones are cheaper compared to a new one. So, do you think it’s worth to buy?
I think buying a second-hand phone is worth it. I bought my current phone from a friend of mine, and it's working great. For one thing, you can save yourself some money. If you're looking for a high-end phone, you might be able to find one used for less than half the price! Second-hand phones are usually in good condition and have been well taken care of by their previous owners.

You also don't have to worry about finding a place in your home where you can charge your phone, since most people who sell their phones only use them at home anyway. And if you're buying from your friend, they'll know what kind of battery life the phone has left—so if there's something wrong with it, they'll probably let you know before making the deal!