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Do you listen to music while studying?


Familiar Face
Jul 23, 2018
It depends on what I'm studying. When I'm learning something that requires my full attention I do not listen to music, but when I'm studying math or science I love listening to instrumental type of music. It helps me to focus and gives me comfort. But music with lyrics or loud music has the exact opposite effect on me while I'm studying. It just simply distracts me.
Yes it makes me concentrate more. It takes me to that point where I found myself in a very special place where I alone exist no other person, no noise, no interruption am alone alone in that magic world. The music will be a blues with a very soft, low tone, sensational I forgot that a the world but not all alone in my magic world, all I see at that moment is my book.
Music is highly beneficial in keeping your mind active and alert. I think that if you are learning new material it is best to turn it off, and once you are more familiar start playing music. From my experience, different types of music help me in different scenarios.

Yet our brain can’t multitask, it shifts between two tasks very fast. And because of that, the focus shifts from studying, to understanding lyrics, to studying, to understanding lyrics etc. This can affect negatively on your abilities.

Changing in notes and words while studying - especially memorizing - impairs our cognitive ability.
Sometimes when I'm doing my homework or learning something new which is simple I"m listening to music. I think that it's helping me to focus more on what I'm studying and concentrate more. It also keeps me motivated so I don't get bored.