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Do you have a credit card?

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Do you have a credit card? If so, what is the primary purpose? What is your limit, and is this something you want to increase shortly? Could you classify yourself as someone responsible when it comes to spending?
I had one untill I realized that part of being a responsible person when it comes to finance is just not spending anything more than what you can afford for.

The last installment for my final credit card purchase is due next month and I have already deposited the amount.

I think I am fine with not having to deal with credit cards ever again.
I had one untill I realized that part of being a responsible person when it comes to finance is just not spending anything more than what you can afford for.

The last installment for my final credit card purchase is due next month and I have already deposited the amount.

I think I am fine with not having to deal with credit cards ever again.

What was the credit limit on the card? Credit feels like free money until the consumer, unfortunately, has to pay their bill at the end of the month, as a result of their spending spree.
I have 3 credit cards, two with a limit of £200 each which are capital one cards, and my main one is Fluid which has a limit of £3,500 which I use for my main account. I pay my wages to pay it off and slowly decreasing how much I spend on it as my wages go back to normal but I'm doing it to increase my credit score. My Fluid has gone up from a £500 limit when I started out.

Credit cards should only be used for when you need them. They are handy for getting your credit score up as it shows you can borrow responsible and they help for when you have something break down you need instantly. Like my washer dryer was braking so I bought another one. They also help you with insurance on holidays.
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We have 3 credit cards we normally use and each one has different features. One gives REALLY good rewards! Another one I use for online purchases to keep things safe. I don't know the credit limits since my husband applies for them.

I think that once you reach 18 and have a steady job you should apply for a card then use it each month for small purchases. THEN pay it off immediately. Don't carry a balance and you'll start building up good credit.
I do not have a credit card, it's really not worth it with all the interest that is charged. You won't need a credit card if you keep your spending organised and in check. I'd rather have an emergency saved funds account.
I do have a credit card. I don't use it at all. To be honest, I haven't used it so far and I don't plan to. I have a debit card and all the bank transactions are made by that alone.

Of course debit cards have too many restrictions but I don't mind. Credit cards are hard to deal with according to me. They even need a monthly maintenance fee. If you ever forget to pay the amount back, you will have to deal with the interest stuff as well. So, I don't prefer them no matter how attractive their offers are.
I don't have a credit card that isn't prepaid. Nonetheless, I do have Pay Pal credit - which is basically a credit card. Who has that? Have you done well on it or do you owe?
I've had 2 credit cards in the past, but I don't trust myself with them anymore so both accounts have been closed.

Instead of a credit card, I try to leave myself a bit of a financial buffer on my debit account in case I need something to fall back on. Although last year for the first time in my life (I'm 34), I had to ask my Dad for a bit of financial help. Thankfully I managed to finish paying him back a month or two ago.
At the moment, I don't have a credit card. Not planning on getting myself one, unless I absolutely need it. So far so good. Lets hope I resist.
I never had or wanted one, I do not like being in debt, and having a credit card just makes it worse. I just use my BAnk card to pay for online things that just come straight out of my bank and at least I know what's in the bank and now what I'm spending. Or keep things saved up I have money in Paypal that I earn and safe from freelancing jobs.

I just never did like credit cards, Most of my household people don't use them.
i have one credit card,
The figures you offer area unit scarey. Credit cards, properly used, are often terribly helpful and eliminate the requirement to hold a lot of money. try and imagine the things that might be purchased or the savings increased if you did not carry such a lot mastercard debt. Enrich them by paying close to usury interest rates. you must try for one major credit and to pay off all charges monthly.
I had several in my early 20's now I have 0. I only use my banking card. I find that credit is only good for emergencies. If you get in the habit of using it all the time, then you get into trouble. I do intend on opening one just for emergencies but I am in no rush since I have a savings account that I have been building on for 5 years.
I never trusted credit cards, just stayed in my lanes with debit cards, I remember when I was in Denmark at the bank they were trying to make me get a credit card since I was a part time employee and a student and I was earning between 1000-1500 euros a month.
I have 3 credit cards with me and it comes with my salary bank account with $5000 limit but I hardly use them as I don't feel secure to use it online and PayPal is best to spend money on internet as most of websites use it as an option. If I needed, I create Virtual Credit Card so totally secure one.
I don't use a card for the moment because i don't have trust in banks.

On online system i use only PayPal without a card and I don't have any problem, yet.
I have only a debit card it's Paysera Visa card im using it to receive my paypal account earnings and also to buy
things online i don't like credit cards i think debit cards better the limits for withdraw are only 600 Euro daily from ATMS if that's
what you mean by limits and no i can't see myself responsible i think im wasting too much money
I do not own a credit card and I don't think I would like to own one. I am learning to be responsible with my money and I know a credit card will tempt me to spending carelessly. Now I just own a debit card.
My opinion on credit cards is not that supportive. I believe by using a credit card , you're using money that isn't actually yours , and credit cards do drag you into debts.
I have a Visa card, I am really satisfied with it :

1- I use it for shopping sometimes from the online sites (Ali Express, eBay) and many also.
2- my limit there is about 800 Euro.
I don't have international credit card but local credit card to pay internet, electricity, water bills instead of stay half of day to pay a bill with waiting a lot of time. If I will have a chance to order international credit card I may use for LBRY TV verification. Also to process Skrill hosting payments with credit card.
Of course, I use it because they're much secure than cash and slightly more secure than a debit card. It's also beneficial for unexpected large expenses, for example, repairing your car
Yes, I have credit cards, the main purpose is to be able to buy and pay with the card which helps me pay in installments and not touch my active funds. if we talk about limits it is insignificant since in my country they have not heard them for a long time due to the economic situation we are experiencing today. And when it comes to paying I am responsible and punctual
Credit cards are not rampant in my country. Just one or two banks supports that and it's just linked to your account so the money can be debited easily whenever you fund your bank account. Debit cards are the norm here.
At first I had none but my online presence has made me to get two credit cards
No, I don't have and never owned a credit card. I just don't think it's worth getting a credit card because my spending habits are not the greatest and a credit card would make things even worse
I don't have a credit card and I don't think I plan to get one in the future either. The reason why is because I might be in huge debt if I don't handle it properly. But I have two debit cards as I'm more comfortable using it.
I don't have a credit card, it's not so easy to get in my country. One has to have a specified level of income before you can have access to such services. But I don't exactly like it arrangement, it gives one access to over spend and then repayment becomes a problem. I don't think I would be needing one anytime in future.
I have my debit card and i call to my Bank for getting the credit card. Credit card has advantages and disadvantages. If we talk about advantages the biggest advantage is that we may get money in emergency and done our work. But it's huge charges of credit card and the transaction charges also high.
I don't have credit card at the moment but I am planning to get one very soon because I'll actually need it for my online businesses, for payments and exchanges, I will also use them for withdrawal
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