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Do you DIY or outsource when it comes to web development?


Jul 22, 2018
If you run a website for business or personal reasons, when it come to web development are you someone who is capable of doing it all yourself, or do you outsource it to another business who can?
I just do it by my self the reason is so that I can learn and to be more familiar about web development I watch videos or blog about web development and apply what I have learn.
I just do it by my self the reason is so that I can learn and to be more familiar about web development I watch videos or blog about web development and apply what I have learn.

That's great! Did you learn from YouTube or other video sources online? It's fantastic that you taught yourself.
I think much better if both. We should also need the other ideas from other sites and learn from it. There's nothing wrong with that. We need to become updated and not close minded in term of business.
I do coding and design but i'm not into doing it all by myself. Its probably wise to collaborate with other developers, because there are things that you like but might not be appropriate with your site. Also it's good to have other suggestions and other thinkers beside you after all no man is an island.
It would be half and half with me (sort of). I mean, I do enjoy messing around with stuff, but I simply can't build/fix everything.'

OK, in some cases, I wouldn't want to! I mean, it's already built.
Recently, I've been studying computing through free online tutorials and Web research. I'm always will to learn something new and expand my skills. You can save a lot of your budget if you decide to do Website development on your website. Without any additional costs, you have the flexibility to change the look, modification modify CSS, and simply make it the way you want. Designing and developing on your own is definitely the way to go if your willing to expand your knowledge
At the present moment I am not outsourcing, but in the past did it. You have outsource if it require more time, else you can do by yourself. I would do small works and when it comes against themes, forums will be outsourcing.
I never outsource something because it just gets way too expensive and I'm not usually prepared to spend large amounts on personal projects. I did develop my previous project which was a gaming social network as there wasn't a good enough ready-made software but the majority of the time, I will go for something that was already developed.
I do almost everything when it comes to my website management.
Well I do take help from staff members for graphics and such but most of the time, it's just me. I don't usually trust others to do something within the time. People take a lot of time, to complete something and I get annoyed by that.

Also, web development isn't exactly cheap either and not to mention that, these people can potentially do much more harm, if they are inclined to do so. So, I just can't bring myself to approach others with hosting credentials.
I have always done my web stuff on my own but did enlist the aid of a friend who enjoys building forum to get my new forum Crafter Craze set up for me. I didn't want to make any mistakes and knew that his experience outweighed mine and would be invaluable for time management and it worked out great. He didn't want any money in return since he does this for free so that worked out to my benefit!
It depends on the subject. I mean, if I thought something was truly profitable, and I didn't know squat about it, - or especially, if I found it boring, I might consider paying a blog writer. Well, in the end, though it sounds selfish, it's about making money, not liking the subject necessarily.
I prefer to build the site without aid, if I can find everything I need to make it work. I don't think I have actually paid someone to put something together in 8 years.
I like to play with templates, I was doing it by myself in college and few years after, but for the bigger project I am hiring a team so I can focus on other topics.
Usually I am a person that wants to complete everything by himself but if there's something I'm not good at I will definitely just ask for some help
As indicated by statistics, WordPress controls over 36.5% of the World Wide Web. There is an explanation for this fame: WordPress is anything but difficult to utilize, formable and extendable, yet setting it up and keeping up it is somewhat convoluted. So you have different ways to attempt as a workaround: You can extend your insight into WordPress and deal with it yourself, enlist a designer inside your organization to do it for you.