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Dlslink.com Reviews: SCAM or LEGIT?





DLsLink is a leading link shortner platform with spinner technology! Our CPM is between 3$ - 50$ USD.
By using the Site's service, you agree not to:

1)Shorten any website URLs that contain adult contents;

2)Shrink and Share the shortened links on any websites containing harassing contents, viruses or any other material which may disturb

3)the viewer or the server of the Site;

4)Force the visitors to click on the shortened URL;

5)Bring any sorts of fake/automated visitors to your links. This act is totally against our policy and will result in account

6)termination. False handling of our system to bring clicks is strictly prohibited. Any sorts of views from redirects, email traffics, bots, proxies, hitleap, traffic exchange, Faucet traffic, PTC traffic, etc. are not allowed;

7)Use our Services for any illegal or unauthorised purpose including but not limited to copyright content, child pornography, threat, adult materials, defaming, stalking, abuse, harassment or violation of any person's or entity's legal rights;

8)Share and spam any site blog or platform with the shortened links;

9)Self-click on self shortened links to earn income. If found guilty, we own the right to dismiss your income and even terminate your account is critical cases;

10)Use of third party tools between DLSlink e.g :- 1shortlink.com, LinkSpy... are strongly prohibited. Creating 'redirect loops' with DLSlink.com URLs with similar services to generate additional income results in account termination;

11)Run ad campiagns to drive traffics to your shortened links;

12)Click from your own IP Address repeatedly to generate revenue. This action leads to direct account termination; Threaten and abuse the contact team about withdrawl before the specified dates;

Violate any policy on DLSlink Platform. Rule violation may result in your account holds and permanent termination as well.
Valid Clicks Which Adhere To Our Policies Will Only Be Counted


1) Unique clicks from a unique visitor over a period of time.

2) Clicks which come after completion of each step specified.

3) After each Valid Clicks income will be automatically added to your main balance.


1) Self Clicked links: repeated clicks from same IP Address will be considered as an Invalid Click

2) Redirected Clicks

3)Paid Clicks

4)Forced Clicks

5) Incomplete Click - If the user doesn't complete click function in all of our pages then the click will be termed as an incomplete click, which is a invalid click. Any revenue generated from Invalid clicks will be deducted from your main balance. Extra balance might be deducted from main balance in some cases.


For more information and guide, click here.

When your visitor spins the spinner and if the spinner stops at 0.05$, you will earn 0.05$ per visit. At this rate, if 1,000 of your visitors spin the spinner and pointed the spinner on 0.05$ then you will earn 50$ per 1,000 link visits. Similarly, if your visitors points the spinner to 0.07$ while spinning the spinner then you will earn 7$ per 1,000 link visits. Our AI system does everythings for you so our AI will do the best work to make you earn great! It doesn't have any limits, In some time it might point on 0.05$ , sometime might point on 0.01$ so In this way, so our rates per 1,000 link visit fractulates a lot, Per link spins the rate we are paying to users might differ. You might earn as high as 50$ per 1,000 link visits or even you can earn 10$ per 1,000 link visit or 30$ per 1,000 link visits or even 3$ per 1,000 link visits. Which means your earning totally depends upon your visitors activity and their luck while spinning.

If your visitors are lucky enough then from our smart system you might get CPM of 50$. Likewise, you might have to settle with cpm of 3$, 4$ if the luck isn't in your favour


Minimum withdraw amount is set at 5$. After you reach first 5$ you can easily withdraw your balance directly to your paypal wallet, bitcoin wallet , esewa wallet and paytm wallet. For withdraw on payoneer the minimum threshold is 50$. Our payment schedule is twice a month you will receive your withdraw on every 16-20th and 2 -6th of the month. Your withdraw will always be held on our fixed payment schedule date not before or after the end date.

I hope this will work if I try it. Have been looking for different ways to make money online
It will, get as many clicks as you can, unique visitors I think it needs to be, or probably one can use it every 24hr
VERY impressive review. I'm sad that they don't accept Payeer withdrawal though, I almost mistook Payoneer for Payeer but then I realized they are completely different. ?
VERY impressive review. I'm sad that they don't accept Payeer withdrawal though, I almost mistook Payoneer for Payeer but then I realized they are completely different. ?
Indeed they are, maybe you can suggest in a message to their support team if they can add Payeer as payment method.