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I hear a lot about the digital ocean hosting. A lotof it has been nothing but the promotion and ads all over. And it seems like pretty interesting offers they have. But the thing is that you need to know how to use the VPS using the SSH. And there is some level of experience for the DevOPS that you should be needing. So for those who need the dedicated servers and the VPS, this seems like a good service.

Do you have any experience with DigitalOcean?


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I've run a few droplets on DigitalOcean and I'm very happy with their service. Plus, they're much cheaper than many of their competitors. However, "pay for what you use" is becoming more and more popular so I hope they'll add that feature in the future.


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I hear about DO since it appeared. I don't use them but i hear a lot of opinions. Has a good quality at hosting , but the support leaves much to be desired. You have a limited support... if you have a problem, you can't rely on them.


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I have heard of Digital Ocean, however, I have not tried their service. I am using namecheap and namecheap provides different kind of hosting solutions. Once you start using namecheap, there is no need to look for other hosting solutions.
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