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Have you guys heard about the Detective Pikachu movie? It's currently scheduled to be released on May 10th, 2019. I had no idea that this was in the works, but I was scrolling down on Facebook the other day, and I happened to notice that one of my friends shared a trailer of it. It looks like that it's the first official trailer, and Warner Bros. released it a few days ago.

Here's the trailer:

In general, how do you guys feel about this movie? Do you plan on going to see Detective Pikachu?
I heard and saw the trailer about it. Not sure whether I will watch it yet since I don't care about Pokemon that much but the plot does look pretty good. It's going to be pretty weird to hear Ryan Reynolds as Pikachu. The only character I can see him as is Deadpool so that's all I'll be thinking of during the film lol :LOL:
xD it was a funny movie, that only him was seeking it.
I actually have not watched this movie called detective Pikachu but I would love to watch it because I feel that it will be an interesting movie to watch.
yes I have heard about the movie it's a very fantastic movie and also interesting I watch the movie twice because I love watching it. The storyline is very interesting
Well this is my first time hearing about this movie. But the movie seems to be very interesting, I'll make a search on this movie on YouTube today so I can know more about the movie
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