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Designing Your Own Website Vs Hiring a Web Designer

I am not a professional web designer but I have some knowledge of web design and development. I like to build my own site so I can have knowledge and experience that I can sell as a service. Hiring a designer will save time if you can afford to pay and they may have more knowledge and experience and they may design the site better than you.
You can get a bank loan if you cannot afford to pay. Some banks accord loans to start a new project if you convince them it is working even the website development cost of your company for example, because it becomes crucial nowadays.
If you don't have the skills to make your own website, code it and l that, then it's probably best to use one of the many website makers available to you. But if you do know how to do coding and web design, you will have more options and control of your site if you do the design work yourself.

Yeah, that's very correct. It is when you are knowledgeable in coding and programming that is going to be very easy for you to design your website exactly the way you want it without having to depend on any forum building software to do so for you. You will give yourself exactly what you want irrespective of what a forum software can offer you.
I've owned two forums since becoming a webmaster. I hired the services of a web designer for my first forum because I had little knowledge of designing it then. I did the work on my own for my second forum.
I am a pro web designer, so I'll hire myself. :p Literally that is what it is. If I can earn more money designing my website myself than I could doing other things, then I'm making the website. If my business is about Something Totally Different than designing a forum or a blog and I could earn more money doing the Something Totally Different than in web design, time to outsource.

But I think that I will be making my own websites for the foreseeable future. Unless I don't know the particular tech, then I'll get pro help for the first rodeo so I can learn to properly do it myself. I both esteem and pity anyone who ends up with me as web design client, because I know what I'm doing. That makes communication easier, but if you don't do it right and try to take shortcuts, punishment will be swift indeed. *grins savagely*

If you are here to stay for long, i.e. run a website for many years, you need to learn website designing, this not reduces your cost of website management
It should be noted that website designing, whether you hire an outside organization to do it or pursue an internal hire, is likely a long-term relationship if you don't want to learn to web design yourself.

If you are trying to launch a simple blog, I think you can do this yourself even if you do not have skills and knowledge (learn from youtube), but for ecommerce you need to hire a designer.
Eh, you can probably use Shopify without much trouble, or the Woo Commerce Wordpress plugin can connect to a lot of payment processors. For a small ecommerce store, learn Wordpress, self-host it, use Woo Commerce and your processor of choice to set up your store, and then use the blogging half of Wordpress to write articles to attract users via SEO.
There are a lot of content management systems that will help you create good websites without requiring you to write codes. If you have coding skills, you can definitely create better websites but learning CMS and using CMS to create websites will certainly ease your work. If you have limited skills but bigger plans, a better approach would be to hire a developer.

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