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Do you enjoy dressing up in costume for parties? Halloween is approaching and a lot of people are planning this year's Halloween costumes.

In the past I used to love dressing up and my favorite costume was when I was Medusa. I bought these huge rubber snakes and put them in my hair (my hair was very long) and did green make up. I looked so wild and evil.


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I remember not wanting to go out clubbing one year as it was Halloween and I was not dressing up. I was terrified of looking different and not doing what everyone else was doing. It took some convincing from a friend at the time for me to go. I am quite introverted and awkward so I just think it is not in my personality to get involved in these kinds of things!


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Might have, I think that I have at birthday parties in my younger years. Just didn't remember having fun though yet again wasn't a big fan of going out. Since then and most of my life I never been and attended any costume parties or events. Then again with family living all over the world and not many friends in my life, I expect that LOL

I play parties PC games :p


I was doing it when i was at university but since then, meh, not something I wanna do anymore.


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I honestly don't even remember when it was the last time i used a costume for Halloween. I think we can all agree this kind of things are only done by children, rarely see grown-up people dressing in costumes

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I don't think I ever went to a party, dressed up in a costume. Never was a thing to get invited to, for some weird reason.
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