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Familiar Face
Dec 20, 2018
Is it just me or it seems like the more we get older the more we tend to watch and listen to classic movies/music?
Is it because we missed some good memories back in the day when we were young? or is it because we get more wiser as we get older and see that most of today's entertainment is tasteless?
because things are changing and you tend to go to comfort zone, what you know.
Classic movies are not for everyone and that's why we only start watching them when we get older. That's when we start to understand them
I think when you do some stuff and stop doing them for along time you'll miss them ... and you'll remember the fun while doing them ... so you'll start to do it again to feel the same feeling ... but sometimes it feels not the same after a while
I love classic movies making your movie classic draw a lot of viewers to your creativity.moreover they say what doing is what doing well so as a producer who must make sure your artistic work is classic.
We can use a classic and the classics to refer to the greatest and most famous works of literature from the past: … Classical: adjective. We use classical to refer to the culture of the past and to art forms which belong to a long formal tradition.
As one gets older, he gets to hold on to those things that keeps him happy most of the times. And classical stuffs are one of those things I'm talking about like music and movies
As for me right on my childhood age I love classic movie, I am a good fan when it comes to movie. Movie is one of the favourite thing I watch to keep myself entertained
The fact is that the more you get older the more you become more educated and you want to watch educating movies. You know kids like watching cartoon.
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