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what ohh shoot,you mean its gonna be merged and gpt will seize to exist?what happens to the pending amounts which where in less than a threshold?Who is going to pay or offset them.


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Attention Community:

We are proud, astatic, to announce that GPTForum.net has been purchased by Alexander from https://www.Bizdustry.com. Alex shall continue to drive the forum forward into the next level of success. Alex is already experienced with communities such as GPTForum and will implement his ideas on how to continue to push the forum forward to bring new and exciting updates for all of the members at Bizdustry as well as GPTForum.net. Please help congratulate Alex on the acquisition of GPTForum!
I never even heard of the paid to post site gptforum but I have done other paid to post paid to write sites such as mylot and forum coin.I am really honored that Alex from bizdustry.com bought or purchased another paid to post paid to write forum.Thanks for taking the time to read this post.


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Wow this is indeed a good one, i guess this explains the change in bizdustry, i came online this morning only to see the changes on bizdustry, i thought it was an upgrade or something so i just decided to wait for an official announcement. Congratulations Alex, congratulations bizdustry
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