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Can money buy you happiness?


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Jul 23, 2018
You know how it is that mainly the rich say it's not all about the money. I believe that money was supposed to be a tool which helps us to accomplish our goals but nowadays it became a goal by itself. I think it's sad that people are wasting their lives pursuing more and more of it, not noticing that life is flying past them.
Happiness I believe is you being able to get anything you want at any point in time. So, for me to be really happy or get happiness money is needed. In the situations you are all alone in house, just want to take a rest listening to a soft music playing in the background, with your air conditioner on and there is a break in electricity supply but with you having the resources to make use of and your other alternatives of power supply, I believe your happiness would be secured because you have the resources to give yourself what you want when you want it.
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Money is a source of happiness but it is not valuable to purchase it. It is the people in your family and friends that love you for who you are and spend their time with you is true happiness. You can have all the money in the world and you are alone and sad is not worth anything you can buy to make you happy. Sure money is a source for a mask of happiness because you got what you want to make you feel better, but the feeling will go away soon.
Money can't buy happiness, you can be rich and unhappy or poor but happy and contented. Of course having millions in the bank can take away some of the pressures of life, but then so does having an ok job, you don't need new cars, yachts, designer clothes or expensive holidays to be happy.
I think money can become an obsession like with anything.

But this forum is mostly about fun, not getting too carried away!
I think that money can buy you happiness but not all the times. Rich people have a lot of nice and expensive cars, famous brands clothing and usually they go to trips very often. If a person which wants something but can't afford it sometimes gets sad. But when you lose a lovely one money can't fix it.
It' a tricky question actually more than a religious one. Many will say that money can't buy you love or is the root of all evil. But come to think about it it's really hard to move around if you have no bread. So in that sense money becomes a necessity, in the same manner that food and shelter are baic needs of man. But just focusing or being obsessed with money and money alone is what makes the thing bad. Remember money per se is amoral, it's neither good nor bad. Just like the other stuffs in this world it's how we use these things that make it good or otherwise.
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Yes I think money can help contribute towards happiness. I am definitely more happy because I have a home and a car and don't have to worry about living paycheck to paycheck. I would be a lot happier with a second house, on the water, with a boat, and a jetski, and yes, money can buy me all that.
If material items make you happy, then yes, money can buy you happiness. I personally would rather be happy with my fiancé just by being around each other watching tv or learning something new together. My pets make me happy, lots of things that I haven’t had to buy make me happy, you shouldn’t depend on material things IMO.