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Cable or streaming?


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Mar 12, 2015
Do you prefer watching TV on cable or streaming shows that you like?

While I still think streaming is the way to go, Netflix is currently adding commercials, and both Netflix and Hulu are limiting the number of screens per household. That really may push people back to cable, especially since cable subscriptions often offer "on demand" and access to networks' streaming services.
We have both but for me, it would have to be streaming. It's just so much better because you can watch it wherever and whenever you want. The fact that I can use Netflix to watch my favourite TV shows on my PlayStation 4, on my TV in the living room or on my phone is just so great. Plus, the fact you can just pause it and start it again later is soo good.
I prefer only watching on TV because streaming is very slow and most time corrupted, but the only thing is we can watch or record that we missed videos.
Streaming is better, online content movies, tv show or music..
I prefer watching my movies on cable because of the the convenience it offers me at I don't have to go outside to pay some money for ticket to watch my favourite movie
As for me I prefer watching movie on my TV cable than streaming. this is because I feel comfortable to forward and backward anytime I wish, but when streaming sometimes I feel stuck because of my data.
Dave Goldberg, our main monkey, travelled to Sun Valley, Idaho last week for the Sun Valley Conference. For this month's SurveyMonkey Shakedown, he also took some time out to speak with Jon Erlichman of Bloomberg TV. We decided to learn about viewers' TV viewing habits for our most recent installment–do they watch a lot of TV?
Well as for me I don't really like watching movie on TV cable I prefer watching movie on stream this is because I am always away from him.
I actually make use of the both,due to data expenses in my country i use cable to watch longer stuffs like football,basketball matches and streaming for shorter activities like music videos,highlights on different things.
Streaming is definitely the future but some countries are not ready for it yet. For now, I watch TV on cable to avoid frustration.
If you are going all-in on streaming, there are two options: paid services and free services. The paid services are comparable to cable but have better apps, more DVR storage and fewer fees and commitments.
I prefer watching from the cable, because TV streaming because I don't have that time going to other place or to pay money to another place.

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