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Interesting, Great ideal if you are looking for blogs and articles and you are not good at writing or no other person can help. So once a 500 blog is done you as the payer get the copyright and no one else uses it. Hmmm. Maybe you need to look into it and see if it's 100% legit and works.

Has anyone used them?

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I just found this new site to buy articles, and they are pretty good quality for only $1 check it out!

Industry-standard is 50$ for a 500-word article. The content is of good quality, don't get me wrong, but there are some drawbacks. Reading through some of the examples, I don't see much personalization and opinions which readers like to see. Additionally, how can I rest assured that the content is plagiarism-free? Has anybody else used this service? Sounds interesting, although I want to make sure it's genuine before purchasing.
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