Biznotes to Naira, voucher, 'Binance Pay' exchange services

Biznotes to Crypto/Naira/ exchange service

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Hello boss, I wanted to donate 30,000 Biznotes to you in exchange for LTC

Hopefully that can be done
I'm open to trade with you anytime.


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How much is 1,000 biznotes in naira
Account number:0767258755
Account name: Cyrus Abdulrahman Bawasa
Bank name: access bank
2000 biznotes
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If you're looking to exchange your Biznotes to Naira fiat currency, crypto currency, you can simply drop your request here.

My rates are as follows for crypto, using LTC, BCH, TRX, DOGE, BNB or Binance Pay:
5,000 - 10,000 BN = 1.5$ Fee
11,000 - 20,00 BN = $2 Fee
21,000 - 30,000 Biznotes = $3 Fee
31,000 - 40,000 BN = $4 Fee
50,000 BN and above, we can negotiate the price with discount.

If you're sending above, we can negotiate it.

Biznotes to Naira exchange for Nigerians, the rate are as follows:
1,000 Biznotes to 5,000 Biznotes = N600/$

10,000 Biznotes and above is = N650/$.

FOR MOBILE DATA/AIRTIME (Open to Nigerians only)
If you're looking to use your Biznotes to buy airtime/data as a Nigerian, you can drop your message below.

Well after reading this amazing news I'm glad to know because I'm from Nigeria and want to do exchange my biznotes to withdraw my payment in good amount. So, thank you for sharing.
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