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BizNotes Exchanges to Fiat or Other Forum Cash Rules and Guidelines

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Feb 8, 2021
Do you want to be able to exchange BizNotes and Fiat (Real World) Cash with other users? Do you also want to potentially swap your BizNotes for other forum currencies? Here you will find our rules and guidelines on what we expect with a BizNotes to Cash or other Forum Currencies Exchange.

BizNotes Exchange Markeplace Rules​

As we continue to give users the option to expand what is offered to them, it is inevitable that we must have rules regarding some of the new additions.

Our rules for buying or selling BizNotes with Crypto or Cash are as follows:
  1. Do your part. If you agree to complete a service, be sure to complete it. If anyone has been found to have scammed other users out of Cash or BizNotes; through an agreement in the Exchanges Marketplace; the user who has scammed, will risk being banned and will receive a board warning.
  2. You can have a maximum of 2 threads open at any given time in the BizNotes Exchanges Marketplace. If you want to have additional exchanges open, either edit one you currently have open, or request that an old topic be locked from further use. If you wish an old one to be removed, feel free to make a support ticket in our ticket board, or PM a moderator, to close or remove an exchange topic.
  3. Be Specific and Include Details of the Exchange - It is helpful to list as many details as possible in your topics. If you have a guide or BIN (Buy it Now Price) price, list it clearly in the original post. Finally, be sure to list exactly what you are selling or giving away. When selling as an auction; if possible, please include the starting bid, reserve, BIN, minimum bid increment and auction end date.
  4. Exchanging Reputation with other users is strictly forbidden, as is asking for reputation after an exchange. You're free to give reputation after, but only if you think it is deserved.
  5. Feedback - Positive and Negative Feedback is allowed. However, there are a few limitations to feedback being given out:
    • One must provide feedback on the very specific service they requested;
    • The feedback must be constructive and respectful, versus unelaborated feedback, such as "This service sucked" or "Do not trust this user," etc.;
    • Moreover, the user receiving the feedback should also be respectful. Any disagreements regarding the accuracy of the feedback should only be discussed through private messages and not within the topic itself.
    • If the issue involves scamming (or an act of similar severity), one should not post about it and should instead report it (with proof) to an Administrator or the Moderation Team Leader to further investigate.
  6. Providing a Buy or Sell Now Link - If Providing a Buy or Sell Now Link, please have it labeled specifically for the item. If using a exchange platform to generate the link, this should be easy to add to the link.

Buying or Selling BizNotes​

If you want to buy or sell BizNotes for Cash, please be mindful of the following:
  • Please be specific in your topical request - Make sure people know if you are buying biznotes, or selling biznotes.
  • List Buy or Sell Prices - If you want to buy or sell biznotes for a specific cash value, or an exchange value, please include it in your thread.
  • Don't charge outrageous amounts - We know this can be an easy cash cow for those who can earn by posting or exchanges, please be mindful that not everyone can pay the amounts for what you are asking for. Our recommendation, is to not buy or sell 1000 Biznotes, for any more than $20 USD. Any amounts above $50 USD in price per thousand BizNotes, will be investigated.
  • If you want to do a giveaway, please make sure you make that clear to those who have your thread open.
  • BizNotes or Cash Auctions - If you want to have an auction to earn BizNotes or Cash, make sure you have sufficient enough to make an auction feasible. If you want to Auction away $50 USD or 50,000 BizNotes or more, make sure you have a BIN or Reserve Price in mind, that won't be extremely difficult to achieve with an auction. Please make sure you have a date and time in mind in when the auction will end too.

Exchanging BizNotes to and from Other Forum Cash​

If you are providing a service to exchange Biznotes for Forum Cash from other forums, please follow the following guidelines and rules to help it be ran smoothly.
  • If not the owner or staff of the site - If you are not the owner or staff member of the site, make sure you have the appropriate amount in your forum balance, to properly complete the exchange.
  • If providing as an official service - If you are the owner of an another forum or had been given permission by the forum owner of an another forum, to provide the exchange as a service, please make sure you do not scam users out of their forum credits. If found to be doing so, you will risk being banned from using our Marketplace Exchanges.
  • Have the appropriate balance for the service - Anyone that is found out to be exchanging BizNotes to other forum correncies, or back, and is found to not have the agreed on amount to be able to transfer to the requesting user, will be banned from our marketplace, and reported to the appropriate staff of the forum in question.
    • If possible to avoid not having enough BizNotes for a transfer from an another forum currency to BizNotes service, consider purchasing BizNotes from us officially; or from other users; to keep your balance current.
  • 1 Way Transfer Service - If providing a 1 Way Transfer Service, please keep the amount charged for the service stable. Please do not constantly change the amount, unless absolutely needed.
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