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Hard to say really but probably a Nintendo DS when I was quite young. Back then, it was so cool to have a portable gaming system and I loved it for quite a long time. Now, if I get some good pairs of shoes, I would consider that a good present lol. How times change.


The best presents I have received are from me, I gave myself love and trust, I bought myself two Adidas pairs with wings and a desktop worth of 1700euros.


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I once received a laptop for my birthday, that was the biggest surprise because i wanted a laptop for so long but could afford it. This was back when i was younger, now I'm more giving myself presents instead of receiving them from others


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The best gift I have ever received for my birthdays was money simple as that, money is the best gift someone can ever wish for because it can buy so many things and even if you received it many years ago you can still buy with it whatever you want, unlike other gifts which might not be liked anymore.
I know that some people don't like to give money as a gift but I personally think that the person has the right to choose whatever he wants to buy, and then if you surprise him with a random gift if it's money he wouldn't ever get depressed about that gift, not everything worths money but with money you can buy almost anything.


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I once gotten a portable workstation for my birthday, that was the greatest shock since i needed a tablet for so long but seem bear it. This was back when i was more youthful, presently I'm more giving myself presents rather than accepting them from others.


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My best gift ever I recieved was on my birthday. I got a pc with a RTX 2060. It was good and I played most of my games on 240 fps. I also recieved a 165 heartz monitor from my parents. I never asked for it as I was fine with a laptop for my studies but I dont really mind getting a pc. Who dont?
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