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What's your favourite forum software, this can be free or paid. What's your reason for it being your best liked script? Mine is a free version and the software is known as phpBB. Most webmasters will go for phpBB since it's easy to customize, install, and has a modern look to it. Compared to other scripts, the administration features give an excelllent ease of access to the Staff on the forum.


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I have always been a huge fan of MyBB. I originally would only use vBulletin but then I started using MyBB with my test forums and I fell in love with it. The flexibility of MyBB is fantastic.
I love the fact that MyBB has a lot of plugins and themes for it. I also love the fact that the software and all of the add-ons are free. lol
If I had to go with a paid software though, it would definitely be XenForo. I started using it a few years ago and I love the simplicity of it.


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It has to be MyBB for me. It's free and it has a large collection of themes and plugins that allow you to have almost anything on your forum. Plus, it's extremely beginner friendly and allows a lot of customisation.


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For Paid Software I would recommend go with Xenforo and for free software Mybb although we have to find all free things in any software.
If you have money, then choose paid software only as it fights for spam.


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I would say paid forum software will have more customizations and features when compared to free forum software.
They have frequent updates as well. As for me, I like MyBB as a free forum software and it's got too many themes and plugins to choose from.

As for the paid forum software, I really can't choose between Xenforo and VB. They are both good and I like their user interface a lot.
If I have to choose, I would probably pick Xenforo as it's affordable.


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I personally like the Xenforo, the one which is also used for Bizdustry. I got used to it since I visit lots of forums that use it


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I'm not a professional software or website developer so I can't really say. I only know how to design a website with a custom theme


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The best forum software for me is xenforo . All the functionalities that xenforo provides surpasses all free forum systems. This is because they give room for developers to write more codes that forum owners could use. Which I turn help developers make more money.
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