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Basic Excel Shortcuts


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Mar 13, 2020
Sharing a few must know Basic Excel Shortcut Keys just to make your life easier. If you like it, please
say Hi in the posts. Thanks Guys

TaskWindow shortcut
New FileCtrl + N
Open FileCtrl + O
CopyCtrl + C
CutCtrl + C
PasteCtrl + V
Copy RightCtrl + R
Copy DownCtrl + D
Show Special Paste WindowCtrl + Alt + V
Paste Value onlyCtrl + Alt + V and then press the Only V Enter
Shift Left to Right between the filled cellsCtrl + Right-Arrow
Shift Right to Left between the filled cellsCtrl + Left-Arrow
Shift Up to Down between the filled cellsCtrl + Down-Arrow
Shift Down to Up between the filled cellsCtrl + Up-Arrow
Shift left, right, up and downUse arrow keys
Select a RowShift + Space Bar
Select a ColumnCtrl + Space Bar
Select a worksheet, TableCtrl + A
Hide RowCtrl + 9
Hide ColumnCtrl + 0
Redo the last actionCtrl + Y
Undo the last actionCtrl + Z
Repeat the last actionF4
Find any valueCtrl + F
Replace any valueCtrl + H
PrintCtrl + P
Print PreviewCtrl + F2
SaveCtrl + S
Save asAlt+ F2 or F12
These are actually not only for EXCEL these are default shortcuts for windows.
These basic Excel short keys is very good. This is because it helps you to finish your timely with little or no error.morealso some of these short keys can be used for other Microsoft packages.