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As a graphic designer, what else do you do to stay ahead

Well from my experience if you want to be ahead as a graphic designer you need to be very innovative and creative with your work because it is the only way that your work is going to be distinct and unique after it's done.
First and foremost, you need to be highly skilled with the software you are using for graphic design. For example, if you are using photoshop, you need to be an expert in photoshop. Secondly, you need to improve your online visibility as a graphic designer, you will have to publish your designs on multipler websites and also maintain a blog or vlog if possible.
There is always room for an improvement in any field that you are a professional in. There is nothing like that you have mastered everything about this particular skill, so you don't need to upgrade on what you already know. This is the only thing that will keep making you to lag behind when compared to what others are capable of doing.
Beyond a strong portfolio and design proficiency, staying ahead as a graphic designer today involves continuous learning, adapting to emerging trends, and mastering complementary skills like UX/UI design. Networking at industry events, embracing technology, and maintaining a robust online presence are also vital. A lot goes into being a graphic designer nowadays.

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