Are you worried that more games will come out broken messes?


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In recent years we've seen a big rise in video games coming out broken and unstable at release. Sometimes to the point that the devs need to push out an update to fix the initial problems. Some new games drop and are broken for months, to the point that some don't even get fixed.

One game that comes to mind with how it came out broken was Cyberpunk 2077 back in 2020 I think it was. I remember playing it, and encountering a fair deal of glitches. Thankfully none of them resulted in me having any issues, but there was a couple times I fell under the map and thought it would get saved there.

Fallout 76 is another game that came out broke on release and now it may have gotten better, it still is a broken mess of a game.

Do you think we're stuck in this same trend of studios not making sure their games are optimized right?


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I wouldn't like to say we are stuck in a trend to be honest as that would mean all games developers are releasing would all have issues and we do still have some games that release without issue from the start. I believe it is a case of developers giving in to the demand of people wanting games to be released and instead complaining when developers want to push back the release date to fix the issues before they make an official release. Cyberpunk is one that screams out at me regarding the issues on release. I am pretty sure that Cyberpunk was a game that the developers gave into to demand and it ended up with them releasing a game that was broken.