Are indie games better than AAA games?

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Thank you for deciding to read.
I've found myself playing more games than usual this year and I've see a pattern, when playing games by large well known developers I find myself getting bored more quickly than I used to.
For example I've finished all three of the most recent Wolfenstein and they became tedious. I finished the 1st and 2nd Tomb Raider reboot and saw the cracks in the game like when climbing over a log where it made me feel like I might fall but never would.
There are many more examples which I may put forward in the future if people are interested.

Then I play games that seem to be created with true heart to which they glow to me. I recently played and completed two games called "A short Hike" and "Reventure" and they were not only a joy to play but make me feel happy they exist. They awakened the childhood wonder inside that makes me know not all games are simply created to take our money but to also make us feel happy.
It's a feeling I tend to feel with many (not all) games created by Indie developers.
I feel they show more love and art into their games to which many larger developers don't seem to do as often.
Opinions? Thoughts? agreements or disagreements? I'd love to hear them all.


Cannot answer this, but I can say to you from a gamer to another, I find books a better imagination stimulation now more than ever, if you want check online for the 1st three volumes of Radu Cinamar which are just the thing you like, I bet it!
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