5 Simple Rules of Starting-up.

Crypto guy

If you are thinking of a creating a start-up - let me save you years of aggravation and money wasted with 5 simple rules:

  1. Do NOT start with the solution - start with the problem - solutions come from problems - not the other way around. People pay money for solutions to their problems, not your solution to something that is not a problem for them.
  2. The answer is always "why" - every aspect of your service, website, call-to-actions, pricing page - you need to have a written definition of 'why' for every aspect of your service in order to be optimised and successful. If you don't have reasons "why" for any part of your service - you will not be effective in serving your customer and fail.
  3. Define your target market by describing who the person is, and where they are in their daily journey. You need to find a way to deliver your solution to them right there and then - map out their discovery process and how they will find you.
  4. KISS - Keep It Simple Stupid. Less is more. People take the shortest path to get to a goal. Make it easy for them. REALLY easy.
  5. [Golden Rule] - You want something in life? You give it. You get what you give. Always be giving - it comes back.
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